Printing and Copying

Printing from public computers or library laptops is available. Prints are $.10 per page for black & white and $.50 for color.

Self-Print Station

The library now has a self-print station that allows you to preview print jobs, pay for and release print jobs on their own. The new system is easy to use and self-directed. You can pay for prints with nickels, dimes, quarters, dollar bills or five dollar bills and change will be provided automatically. Instructions are available at the station to help guide you through the process. Staff is also available at any time to assist as well.

Mobile Printing

Our new self-print station also allows for mobile printing. You can now send print jobs to our print station from your mobile device - phone, tablet, laptop - or event from home! Once you send a print job, it will wait for up to 24 hours at our print station for you to arrive to pay for and print your job. There are three ways that you can send your print jobs to our print station:

  1. Use this web form to submit jobs. Simply follow the instructions and attach files that you want printed - pictures, documents, PDFs, etc.

    1. Use this form to submit print jobs

  2. You can email print jobs to our print station. One email address you will email prints you want to come out in black and white, and another email address will be for jobs you want printed in color. Simply attach whatever files you want printed to the email and they will be item printed when you arrive. Note - the body of the email itself will also be part of the print, though you can select to not print that page when you arrive.

    1. For Black & White prints -

    2. For Color prints -

  3. There is also an app available for IOS and Android that you can download and use to send print jobs.

    1. Download the IOS App

    2. Download the Android App


The library has a black and white copier available for use. Copies are $.10 per page.