Residents of Ramsey are eligible for a Free Public Library Card.

With a Ramsey Library Card, patrons get access to the full collection of the Ramsey Public Library and have access to materials in 76 other BCCLS (Bergen County Cooperative Library System) libraries. Access is also given for all of the Ramsey Library’s digital collections, online research tools and inter-library loan delivery service.

How to Get a Library Card

To get a library card, a photo ID as well as proof of your address in Ramsey is required.

Examples of the types of ID we accept:

  • Driver’s License

  • Bank Statement

  • Utility Bill

  • Study ID

  • Lease agreement

Are there age restrictions on Library Cards?

Cards are available for any age resident, though a parent must accompany any child under the age of 18 when registering for a library card.

Applying for a Ramsey Library Courtesy Card

Courtesy cards are available for a term of one year at a time for anyone who works or goes to school in Ramsey and does NOT already live in another town with a BCCLS member library. If a patron is a resident of another BCCLS town, a card should be obtained from their home town library, which is good to use for full access at the Ramsey Library.

Applying for a Pay Card for Non-Ramsey Residents

Pay cards are available at a cost of $450 for a one year period for patrons who do not live or work in Ramsey and do not live in a town with a BCCLS library.

How to Replace a Lost Ramsey Library Card

Did you lose your library card? Don’t worry! They can be easily replaced at a fee of $5.

How to Renew a Ramsey Library Card

Library cards are good for a three year period. Patrons can renew their cards with the same materials they use for signing up for a card. 

Questions about applying for a library card?